BETULA ALBA CARE tusfürdő arcra és testre természetes nyírfakéreg kivonattal 300 ml

1 199 Ft

Betula Alba Care, Face and body wash gel, acne, oily and combination skin with imperfections. Recommended, regardless of age.

INTENDED FOR: acne, oily and mixed skin prone to shine and periodic formation of imperfections. Recommended, regardless of age, to people with enlarged pores, blackheads, inflammation, pustules and papules that arise due to increased activity of the sebaceous glands, hormonal changes, excessive keratinization of hair follicle openings, improper composition of sebum. To be used during and after anti-acne treatments. Versatility of applications of birch tar, allows to use the shower gel for the skin suffering from psoriasis and seborrhea.

EFFECT: A gentle shower gel to cleanse the skin. Unblocks and reduces pores, removes impurities and excess sebum. It has very good soothing properties and reduces imperfections. Does not irritate and does not dry the skin out. Leaves a delicate, velvety film. It is well tolerated. Ensures proper hygiene and the balance of bacterial flora. Restores the natural protective barrier. It is rich in moisturizing and protective substances, also comprises an exotic emollient made of babassu nuts from Brazil. Free from SLES, dyes, parabens and fragrance composition. Has an intensive, specific smell of birch tar. Regular use enhances much more rapid regression and reduction of existing skin changes and prevents new ones. The skin becomes well-groomed, cleansed, properly hydrated and is less prone to itching.

Birch tar - natural, brown, thick, oily liquid with a specific smell, obtained in the process of dry distillation of birch bark, proven in the traditional folk care of problem skin. Enhances supplementary treatment and control of skin disorders. Reduces the effect of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria responsible for the formation of acne changes.


Supporting Ingredients:

Betaine and glycerol of plant origin - regulate moisturising and elasticity of the epidermis

Babassu oil - a unique emollient from Atallea Cohune, a Brazilian nut palm

Conditioning substances - rebuild and strengthen the protective hydro- lipid barrier

Panthenol - increases the synthesis of lipids, strengthens the protective barrier, moisturizes, soothes, has an antipruritic effect

How to use: Pour the shower gel on your hand and spread it with massage movements all over your body, then rinse with water.

Precautions: Before using cosmetics with birch tar, check the effect on a small area of the skin, do not use on open wounds and acute skin inflammation, do not use during pregnancy. For external use only.  In case of contact with the conjunctival sacs, rinse them thoroughly with water.

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